Contribute to BSF Special Funds:

Jorge Imana Fund for the Arts: This fund was endowed to honor Jorge Imana as a great artist and for his many contributions to the arts. The program is designed to help BSF students explore the arts.

Ken Kesson Fund for English Competency:  This program is funded by donations made in Ken’s name after his death and a way to keep his name in perpetuity.  The Cambridge English School in Rosarito is a great opportunity to become proficient in English, culminating in an IELTS Certification from Cambridge University.

Marylee's Bottom of the Heart Fund:  This program is maintained for support in emergencies to include unique medical problems, i.e., eyeglasses or operations, food distribution, funeral of families, etc.

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Email address:
Phone:  (714)747-8653


Elementary:  $250;     Jr. High:  $350;     High School:  $450;     University:  $600

This is the gift that will break the cycle of poverty and transform the lives of our students and also their community!

Or contribute$10, $25, $50, $100 ..... and help toward supporting  our students!

• Support  Fundraising Events​

• Sponsor a child

• Mentor a student

• Donations

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YOU can become a part of the BSF community… and change the lives of an entire community!​