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The woman who won the signed/framed/print came from Ensenada and had been a "fan" of Bruce's through his National Geographic work over the years!  

Armondo Gonzalez, President of IMAC was very happy and said he would like to do something in collaboration with BSF again.    

A happy photography club with Bruce after the lecture.

Judie Kesson , President of BSF and Bruce Dale, world renowned photographer..

​​​BRUCE DALE RECEPTION . September 1, 2017 at the IMAC Center in Rosarito

In the evening of September 1st about 100 people gathered at IMAC to hear Bruce Dale and see his photo show   It was an incredible mixture of students (from one of the private schools), adults from the Rosarito/TJ Photographer's Club, ex-pats, interested Mexicans and, BSF Board Members!