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Welcome to

Baja Scholarship Foundation (BSF)

Transforming the lives of Baja children through education!

Founded in 1995 by Judie and Ken Kesson, the Baja Scholarship Foundation obtained its 501c3 status in 2000.  Both Judie and Ken recognized that many times high-achieving children in Baja were not able to afford to continue their schooling because of the financial burden it placed on their families.  Over the years, the organization grew steadily, as more and more high-potential, high-need children were added to the list of scholarship recipients.  Today, Judie and Ken's vision provides educational opportunities to those children who would not  otherwise have such opportunities.  BSF breaks the cycle of poverty, giving young people a greater likelihood of being able to support themselves and their families.  BSF's first sponsored child was able to remain in school and eventually went on to become a doctor.